Friday, January 17, 2014

Cliché Introductory Poem

Oh! So you write Poetry?
How could that be?
So do we!
And he
Writes poetry
Is a poet
Did you know it?
I went there…stow it

Of course you write "poetry"
By candlelight
You faggot
You whore
You fucking emo goth bitch
Of course you release your emotions
Not with a razor blade
But with a paper cut
Vomit your soul out onto this page
Dot your I’s with broken hearts
Cross your T’s with barbed wire
And sign it all with a teardrop

Of course you write "poetry"
I understand
You artist
You schitzo
You user
You joke
Bastardize Shakespeare with your
“Free verse”
"Free love"
Free drum circle dreadlocks puff puff pass “poetry”

Well Poe, would like to Try
To gouge out all your lies
To put an end to crying
And Emily would rather listen to a fly
Buzzing by as she dies
Than contemplate the reasons why
You write a letter breaking up with some guy
Then stand before the mic and sigh

Its not for me
It isn’t “free”
It’s completely
Killing the art
When you trust your heart
To poetry.

These words to me
Will never be
What I really see

Cuz my eyes work in colors and in music notes swirls and loops and crescendos everything is a metaphor in my brain tantrums of thoughts floating around all interconnected with a deep deep moral but no evident meaning it’s all building up to one big point but it breaks before it gets there like I…

Can’t even say what I mean
I don’t know
Don’t know where to begin
Or how to lean in
To you
So you can really understand me
Brand me
Command me
Say god damn she
Doesn’t even have a clue, does she?
Doesn’t know where to begin or
How to find the words
But these words will never be
What I truly mean
What I really see
What it means to me…

Is poetry.  

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