Friday, January 17, 2014


It's only romantic 
When you can look back on it
"Those were the days, we've changed."
A slow smile
As focus slips 
To the ceiling
Its very healing
To think back...
In the sunshine there was a time we were so shy you and I butterflies...
In stomachs...
Are a lie

It's more of a stinging
Winging it
Till you know 
How deep to go
It grows
It flows
First from the toes
Up and down and down and up and 
Through every bone

And thinking back
Waaaaaaay back...
I made a slit
A little slash
Would you do that? Cat in the Hat step on a crack the nightlight's back--
So cut the crap
It's REAL life now
But, that's your act

I've only ever dated calendars
In my mind I'll find the time first touch should really chill the spine,we're in our prime its not a crime, to take that line...
And blur it.
Stir it.
Here's how you cure it:
Look backwards see? 
To you and me.

We've come so far
Each little scar
A tally mark
Red fades quickly into pink flush the tissues down the sink I think we've finally reached the brink
It's romantic when looking back
And all of that? 
It's in the past.

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